New Product Idea? We can help!

In News by Ivy Hawley

We get it.  When you’re in the middle of creating a new product the small details, while very important to the success of your idea, can bury you.  At K&R Manufacturing, we strive to take that load off you while offering interactive concept development.  This, along with our quick prototyping and job costing skills ensure that the “devil in the details” doesn’t get in the way.

While we’re known for metal fabrication in steel and stainless steel, we also specialize in plastics and injection molding, and with our network of domestic suppliers, we offer full support from concept to production run. We believe in America and in the American entrepreneurial spirit.  That’s how K&R Manufacturing were built and will continue to grow.

  In addition to our full line of fence and gate hardware and tools, (many with patents or copyrights), we offer OEM support to several major fence manufacturers, as well as offering design and production of components and products to businesses across the U.S.  It’s time to make your idea a reality.  Call us. We want to be part of your American success story.